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Comparing Builders?

Learn about home building!

Lower Energy Bills.

You want to know the truth about energy efficiency?

The typical Statera Home can be 50% more efficient than a used home.

Our homes are typically about 20% more efficient than required by local building codes.

Statera focuses on lowering your cost to own your home. We have a common sense approach.  When you visit us, we’d be happy to explain the incredible efficiency of your Statera Home.

*Based upon Sussex County, Delaware building code.  Our features are customized for you, so our energy ratings can vary.

Quality materials from brands you trust to create a craft-built home.

We source locally whenever possible to benefit the local economy and the planet.

A Builder That Fits.

Create Connection.

Be an Insider.

Statera-Logo-Black125Statera Means Balance.  (In Latin.  Seriously.)

When it comes to building a new home, we know you want to be successful. In order to do that, you need a new home that feels like you.

The problem is the other builders cannot find the balance between your desires and your budget. That has you feeling disappointed with the options that are out there.

We believe you shouldn’t be afraid to build the home of your dreams!  We understand your fears. And that’s why we use our 35+ years of experience to walk with you through this intimidating process. 

We don’t just build houses; we build relationships.


No Pressure. Just People.