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Delaware new home by Statera Homes- meet the Kendall

Statera Homes is proud to welcome a new floorplan to the family- the Kendall.  The Kendall is a reasonable sized ranch home- starting at just over 1,700sf, and with options, it can grow to over 3,000sf.

“The goad of the Kendall was to create an efficient home that seems larger than it is,” says Scott Dailey, owner of Statera Homes.  “We think the Kendall will feel like a larger home and still be a great value,” he says.

The Kendall starts with a three bedroom, two bath ranch floor plan.  Like all Statera Homes, the focus is on luxury and livability.  Attention is paid to the kitchen, and to other “less than sexy” items that make a house livable- namely storage.

“The Kendall might not show as well as a model, but I think people appreciate storage.  Kitchen are a huge part of people’s lives- whether someone cooks or not- and so is storage.  People who are buying new Delaware Beach home have stuff, and that stuff has to go somewhere,” says Dailey.


The Kendall also features a generous dining area without a formal dining room.  The cathedral ceiling in the great room makes the space feel large and inviting.  Numerous bump-outs, second levels, and other structural options can be added to the Kendall to create a new Delaware home that is unique as you are.

The Kendall is named for Scott’s youngest niece.  It is available in Deep Branch Woods, and it can be built on your property in Sussex County.

To view the Kendall plan as a PDF, click HERE.

It’s all about “balance”.  Statera is latin for balance.

For our founder, Scott Dailey, Statera is about a new home integrating into your life.  It’s about finding a new home that balances everything that a new home will be in the future

A home is a place of celebration, it is a place of refuge, it is a place of joy.  A new Delaware beach home is a setting for all the wonderful seasons of life.  We think a balanced new Delaware home is the perfect fit for all seasons of life.

So what is Statera?  Let’s focus first on the balance of how a home should encourage the good things of life.  Each Statera floorplan is designed for personal connection.  How?  We begin with the kitchen.  We think the kitchen is the heart of any Delaware new home.  Most people think that a kitchen isn’t very important if a resident of the home isn’t a “gourmet cook”.  But at Statera, we know that all gatherings of great friends and loved ones actually happen in the kitchen.  We think kitchens are one of the main settings for the story of your life- even if you never turn on the oven.

Whether it’s a glass of wine around the island or a “kitchen table” conversation, life happens in the kitchen, and the kitchen is a great place to be in a Statera residence.


We also think that you deserve a luxury residence.  A tour of a Statera home will demonstrate incredible features for the price of the home.  We have taken the time to do the small things right- the small things that all your home to be the perfect balance between a luxurious home and a great value in a Delaware beach home.  From our trim packages to our Andersen windows, you will know that this home is not like other builders in Delaware.

We also want to balance timeless design with future technology.  A Statera residence is designed with a classic, timeless look that will increase in stature over time.  Our plans don’t chase the latest fads in building, but we seek to create a classic home that will be beaufiful for years to come.  At the same time, we balance our classic plans with a recognition that technology is changing the way we live our lives.  A new home in Delaware by Statera integrates all that is exciting about new home technology.  This integrated smart home is designed to make your life manageable and stress-free.  Statera takes an uncomplicated approach to technology.

This smart home technology also forms the core of our balance between a new home and our responsibility to be good stewards of that which is entrusted to us.  We value both people and the planet.  To that end, a Statera residence is built by local artisans.  Statera Homes is a truly unique company.  Contact us to learn more!

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Milton Delaware New Home Community Deep Branch Woods Takes Shape

This is a repost from the Cape Gazette- HERE

Statera Homes’ new community, Deep Branch Woods, is getting close to becoming a reality.

“There is stone on the streets, and the entrance is almost done,” says Scott Dailey, of Statera Homes.

Deep Branch Woods is located just north of Milton, and is a unique community.  Dailey says that Deep Branch Woods offers luxury living in a simplified setting.

Deep Branch features low HOA fees, without all of the expensive amenities required in most Delaware beach communities,” says Dailey.  “Deep Branch Woods is for folks that want the beach area without all of the things in a community you pay for and don’t use.”


Deep Branch Woods also offers large lots, and some of those large lots are wooded.  As there are only 26 lots in the entire community, residents won’t have to endure years of construction noise, dust and traffic.

“The market seems to say that there is much more demand for resort communities, but we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to new homes,” says Dailey, who founded Statera Homes in 2015 after over a decade in building and residential development.

“If you’re looking for a small lot in a community that is packed with amenities, then you have choices.  There aren’t, however, many places with large lots and inexpensive amentities,” says Scott Dailey, owner of Statera Homes.

If you are looking to be 15-20 minutes from the beach corridor, and you want to be on a large wooded lot, the Statera’s Deep Branch Woods might be perfect for you.

Deep Branch Woods is one of the first communities to feature Statera Homes’ groundbreaking approach to new homes in Delaware

As a small local builder, Statera is able to take the best of what is done by large production builders and also the best by small, local, custom builders.  “At Statera Homes, we are looking to build a house that focuses on being the setting for your life’s story.  Your life is the focus of the home, and the plan and features stem from that,” says Dailey.  Dailey says that larger builders focus on the ability for a home to be produced efficiently.  Custom builders don’t always balance features and value in their homes.  Statera seeks to find a balance (in fact, “Statera” is Latin for balance) between life-centered floorplans, luxury features and value.

Statera Homes has floorplans from around 1,700 sf to over 5,000 sf. available to be built in Deep Branch Woods.

Statera is proud to be a smaller, locally focused company that builds unique new Delaware homes.  Statera builds home that are “unique like you”- in stark contrast to the large builders in the community.  Statera’s owner Scott Dailey is passionate about new homes, and you can learn more at his blog, the Dailey Bread.

Statera Homes is a new home builder in Delaware that was founded by Scott Dailey in 2015.  Scott has over 10 years of experience in residential development, and has built hundreds of homes in previous ventures at the Delaware beaches.  Statera Homes represents the best of all the experience that Scott has accumulated throughout his career.  For more information, please visit or call 302-381-7901.

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Why a Delaware retirement makes sense

Let’s say you live in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York.  If you’re thinking about retiring, you are likely thinking about relocating.  The tax burden on residents of these states is unreasonable when you won’t be taking advantage of the services.  All of this is a nice way of saying that you would rather let someone who has kids in school pay the crazy tax rates for the local schools.  So, it’s time to move.

If you want a change of pace but don’t want to get on a plane everytime you want to visit the old stomping grounds, then a new home at the Delaware beaches might be the thing for you!

Small State?

Many people think that Delaware is too small to have too much to offer retirees, but that’s not the case.

Sussex County, with it’s relaxed, rural, and coastal living is a great choice for people who want a great retirement lifestyle.

Why Sussex County, Delaware?

Sussex County, Delaware offers a winning combination of low taxation, affordable property, and an easy drive to the large cities of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  It has a lower cost of living when compared to other areas of Delaware, and it has the beach!

Delaware’s Advantage

Delaware has no sales tax, and it is very friendly for pensions and retirement taxation.  Delaware also has relatively low costs for owning a home, but the transaction costs are relatively high. Delaware exempts up to $12,500 of investments and qualified pension income for people over 60 and over.  This makes Delaware very retirement friendly for retirees.

Low Property Taxes

Sussex County Delaware hasn’t reassessed for its property tax since 1974, and the county is in the best financial shape of any of the three Delaware counties.  If the property taxes aren’t low enough, once you are over sixty-five and a resident for three years, you can take up to $500 off your property taxes.  It comes from the school portion.

Coastal Lifestyle

The coastal Delaware is consistently an award-winning destination.

Coastal Delaware is a tourist destination, so traffic can be a little nutty around holidays in the summer.  The fall and the spring are great at the beach, and there are many activities (Delaware loves “fesitvals”) each weekend to keep things interesting.  Fine dining has popped up everywhere, and many of the local small towns have yet to be overrun with chain establishments.  The Town of Rehoboth Beach was just voted by Coastal Living magazine as the second happiest seaside town in America.  In nearby Milton, there is the famous Dogfish Head brewery.

Location, Location, Location

The Delaware Coastal area is a short drive from major cities, which make it a perfect destination for active grandparents.  You’ll have just enough time to drive to seek the little angels, pump them full of sugar, drop them with their parents, and return home for a glass of wine.  The beach also makes a great place to entice the kids when you want them to come and visit.

This amazing combination makes a Delaware retirement a great choice.

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Five things people want in a New Delaware Home

Since I spend most of my time speaking with great people who are looking at purchasing new homes, I have taken some time to compile a list of the top five things that I think are most important to anyone who is thinking about building a new Delaware home.


Whether you are a gourmet chef or a master of carry out, the kitchen is typically the “center” of the house.  Think about it- most of the time, when someone is entertaining, where do all the people gather?  In the kitchen.  At Statera Homes, how you live your life is at the center of how we design our plans.  Since life happens in the kitchen, then we think some special attention should be given to how to kitchens in our Delaware new homes.  Our kitchens are built locally by a Delaware based cabinet maker.  In the Statera process, you will have the opportunity to sit with our kitchen company and create the layout and features that you require- whether or not we show these options on our standard selection sheets.  This process may take a bit longer, but it also will create a space that is perfect for you.  There are some things we never seem to hear people say about their new home in Delaware- things like “this kitchen is too big” or “I don’t know what I will do with all of these cabinets”.


Technology seems to be invading more and more of the spaces in our lives.  The home is one of those spaces that has been resistant to this modern innovation.  A stick frame house hasn’t changed that much in the last 300 years.  At Statera Homes, we embrace technology in the Delaware new homes that we build.  From our self-programming thermostats to our LED lighting systems, we are able to deliver a home that is “smart” and able to work for you rather than CREATE work for you.  At Statera homes, we also create a new home that will be able to adapt to new technology in the future.  New home technology also plays a major role in energy efficiency, which is also a huge factor when it comes to new homes.  Nest-400x400The building business has become extremely competitive, and this results in better products for less.


Another thing I’ve never heard someone say is, “love the house, but it has too much storage”.  Storage is a lost art for most builders of new homes in Delaware.  Storage areas can’t be decorated to create the emotional connection that a builder is looking to create in order to close the sale.  Storage areas, however, make the home a much better space for living life, and Statera is going to make sure that storage is optimized throughout your new residence so that you can live in harmony with your stuff.

Maintenance Free

You want to live in your house- you don’t want to spend time working on the house.  At Statera Homes, we understand most people want to spend time in their home rather than spending time (working) on their home.  Any Delaware new home is intrinsically going to require less maintenance than a used home.  At the same time, a Statera home has the quality features that will allow it to perform for years to come without requiring lots of upkeep.  We spend a little more money make sure that the “systems” (HVAC, electric, and plumbing) are done with quality materials.  This leads to fewer repairs in the future.  No home is “maintenance free”, but a little quality can go a long way to keeping your home looking new for years to come.


This is America- we love new.  Lately, we seem to love new that looks old, but that’s another topic for another day.  We like new homes because they are something that is ours.  We also like them because a new Delaware home will likely have a lower cost of ownership.  Family-Room-webA new home built to current new home codes in Sussex County, Delaware, will be far more energy efficient than any home built five years ago.  When the real estate market fell off a cliff in Delaware (think 2008-2011), builders started offerings that were far better than what was built before.

There is a premium to be paid for building a new home, but that additional cost can be offset by other savings on the maintenance and energy usage when compared to a used home.

So, the team at Statera also has considerable experience in real estate, and we understand that the “true” numbers 1,2 and 3 should be “location, location and location”.  That part of Delaware real estate hasn’t changed, and it won’t.  “Where” is still ultimately more important than “what” for most people.

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Finding the Best Delaware New Home Builder

Which Delaware New Home Builder is the Best?

How Do You Select a Delaware Builder?

If you are looking to build a new home in Sussex County, there are at least three national builders, three regional builders and literally dozens of local builders.  This gives you options from builders who build tens of thousands of homes per year all the way down to a guy in a truck who builds a few a year.

Most Builders Vary by Number of Homes Built...

The answer to that is simple- the one that will build the house that suits your life.  Easy for me to say.

Okay, so this is the Statera Homes blog- you can bet what my eventual answer will be.

Let’s break them down by size- and the strengths and weaknesses of each.  Builders of similar size tend to have similar strengths and weakneses.

National Builders

These are large publically traded companies.  They build thousands of homes across vast swaths of the US.  The good news is that they tend to offer a relatively large amount of features for a good price.  You can also expect to have a service department to deal with after you move into the new house.  These builders have incredibly sophisticated sales and production systems.

The bad news is that you might want to make a change that isn’t on their list of options.  This can be a huge challenge.  It can also be impossible.  National builders are more focused (in my opinion) in efficient systems than actually building homes.  If your home doesn’t fit into their system, it might not be a fit for you to build with a national.

To get the Delaware new house that fits your life from a national builder, changing your life might be less complicated than changing your house.

Regional Builders

These are builders who operate in more than one market for new homes.  These builders have some of the systems of the National Builders, but they tend to not have all the rigidity that you might find in a national builder.  Some of these builders will work with you to build the house that fits your life, but some of them will act just like a national builder.  It really depends on the individual company.

Some regional sized builders in the Delaware beach new home market actually have a larger market presence than do some of the national builders.  They offer some of the stability for service after closing that you can find from the nationals.

Often, regional builders are in the process of growing rapidly (or, in a down market, shrinking), so be prepared for some “growing pains”- in the form of overwhelmed employees and subcontractors.

Local Builders

The smaller, local builder, is the foundation of the new home industry in the United States and in the new home market of the Delaware beaches.  Local builders can build from one to almost one hundred new homes at the Delaware beaches, but they operate locally.  Local builders can vary widely in their adaptation of new home technology, floorplans, building materials, etc..

It goes without saying that I am quite biased when it comes to the builder you need to choose.  Statera Homes offers the best new home at the Delaware beaches.  We have the experience to build a wonderful home that will suit your life and surround you with luxury.  As a small, local Delaware builder, we focus on sustainable building practices and make use of local, Delaware based subcontractors.  We think this makes our community stronger, and it creates a pride in building that can’t be found in a production Delaware home.

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Should I buy in a “maintenance free” community?

The same question about lawn care seems to come in a number of different questions, but the bottom line is this: who will be responsible for lawn care at my new Delaware home?

If you’re going to purchase a Delaware retirement home or a Delaware beach home, you probably don’t imagine yourself driving down on the weekends to cut the grass. There are so many other great things to do at the Delaware beaches, that taking care of the lawn is something that you are going to want to deal with.

For most people who buy new Delaware homes, it is usually easier to say who it is NOT going to be: the homeowner.

Chances are, you aren’t going to cut your own grass- unless you want to cut your own grass.

Lawn care is something that is typically done by someone else at a new Delaware beach home.

So, the real question is whether or not the lawn care is going to be included in the HOA fees or left to the individual homeowner.

Here are some of the items to consider:

Let the HOA do it:

Having lawn care included in the HOA fees has some advantages. First, if your new Delaware beach home is going to be a part-time residence, then this is another detail that will not clutter up your life. You pay the HOA fees, and the HOA takes care of the yard. It’s done, and it’s simple.

Second, this plan helps to maintain community standards- you know that your neighbor won’t be that person who doesn’t take care of the grass. People enjoy living in a well-maintained community, and giving the HOA control helps create that community.

These plans can be relatively simple and also relatively complex. Some communities just cut the grass and put down some mulch. Some are much more involved- chemical treatments, central irrigation systems, etc. There is a great deal of variation in exactly what the builder (who is selling you the lot/home package) means when they say “lawn care included”. Of course, the cost of the lawn care can vary greatly based upon what the HOA is doing to each lawn. This is also subject to change by vote in the community at any time.

Economies of scale should make it possible for the HOA to get better pricing when compared to an individual lot owner. It’s not a guarantee, however, and the grass cutting business is very competitive.

Make sure that the builder gives you enough detail so that you are comfortable. When you sign a contract to build a new home with most Delaware new home builders, you will be signing a document that states you have read and understand the HOA documents. This includes the details about the lawn care.

Also, make sure the HOA has an aggressive plan to deal with owners who get behind in their dues payments. If the HOA doesn’t have enough money to pay the lawn contractor, the entire community could look like a jungle very quickly…

Do it yourself:

This method gives you control. You get to make sure your yard looks the way that you want it. You are in control of what gets done and what doesn’t get done to your property. The truth is that there are many lawn care contractors at the Delaware beaches, and it is hard to make an economic case for cutting your own lawn at the beach.

When your HOA isn’t tasked with dealing lawn maintenance, it tends to be a less complicated HOA. This can make for better neighbors. There is a strong desire for some Delaware new home buyers to reject a community where they will have to care for their own lawn because of some perceived “lifestyle” that is found in a community that has the HOA care for the lawns. I worry that, in the long term, communities that have HOA lawn care will be more complicated than the “worry-free” lifestyle offered by HOA’s that cover the costs.

In the end, the “maintenance free” idea for a Delaware new home is something that can be easily obtained in just about any location in southern Delaware.