Plastic Windows Aren't the Answer

At Statera, we understand that anyone building a new Delaware home wants a high quality product.  We understand that your new Delaware home is a huge investment, and you want it be able to enjoy it for years to come.

We understand your fears about building a new home.  We don’t think you should be afraid to build new, we think you should be excited.  Our experience will guide you to a successful new build.

In our 35+ years of homebuilding, we’ve learned that quality starts with the materials in your new Delaware home.

At Statera, we think quality materials are essential to a new Delaware home.  We also know that if your compare our materials to other builders, you will quickly come to understand that Statera’s included features are the best in Delaware beach homes.

One example of Statera’s quality is in the windows we install in our new Delaware homes.  We use Andersen 100 series windows, and these are clearly superior to any vinyl window for two reasons.

Window Material:

Statera doesn’t use PVC windows in our new Delaware homes.  Our windows are made of a composite material that is much more stable than PVC in extreme hot and cold conditions.

The downside of Vinyl windows is the PVC material itself.  As you probably know, PVC’s characteristics change as the temperature changes.  When PVC is cold, it shrinks and can be brittle.  When PVC it gets hot, it expands and can become soft.

Vinyl windows do have some advantages.  First, they are far less expensive than windows that aren’t plastic.  Second, PVC doesn’t decay, rot, or support mold growth.

Vinyl windows are the preferred material for most new Delaware homes for the two reasons above, and many builders don’t want to mention the problems with vinyl.

At Statera, our windows are made of a composite material that doesn’t rot, decay or support mold growth- just like vinyl.  At the same time, our composite material is very stable at different temperatures.  So, a new Statera home will give you the best of both worlds for years to come in your Delaware new home.

Vinyl window manufacturers might say that vinyl windows are stable, but the reality can be seen in their product offerings.  You can’t purchase dark framed vinyl windows.  Why?  They can’t the heat in a dark color on a sunny day.  (Some window companies offer dark accent pieces that can be placed over the frames of vinyl windows.)

Andersen Windows

A Name You Can Trust:

As I said before, Statera installs Andersen windows in the new Lewes and Rehoboth homes we build.  Andersen was founded in 1903 and continues to be one of the largest window manufactuers in the United States.  Statera believes in Andersen because we understand that you home could have problems after the Statera limited warranty period ends.  We know that you will feel at peace that your windows are backed by a company that is, at the time of this writing, 115 years old.

This matters in new Delaware beach homes.  A large builder at the Delaware beaches used vinyl windows by a company called BF Rich for years.  This window company went out of business in early 2017.  Warranty repairs from companies that don’t exist are hard to get.

As we say, the ingredients matter.  A new Delaware home needs to perform well- not just now, but for years to come.  You can build confidently with Statera.

Comparing Builders?

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You can feel confident in choosing a Statera Home.  We understand that you want your new home to be a great value.  Compare our standards with other builders, and you’ll understand the value of Statera.

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Lower Energy Bills.

You probably already know that a new home can provide substantial energy cost savings versus a used home.

The typical Statera Home can be 50% more efficient than a used home.

Our homes are typically about 20% more efficient than required by local building codes.

Each Statera home is tested and verified by a third-party inspector for its performance and its energy efficient features.  When you visit us, we’d be happy to explain the incredible efficiency of your Statera Home.

*Based upon Sussex County, Delaware building code.  Our features are customized for you, so our energy ratings can vary.

Our Process Guides You to a Successful Custom Home


From the first time we communicate, Statera will take the time to understand your life and evaluate your goals, needs and budget. We will hear you and take the fear out of designing a new home. We will partner with you to translate your vision into an agreement to build your home.


Together we begin to plan your new space.  Step-by-step, our process will guide you toward a final design.  We tailor this process for your level of comfort- as much or as little customization as needed to realize your vision.  During this step, we will coordinate the financial aspects of your new home with a trusted lender (if necessary).


With final plans, choices made, permits obtained, and financing secured, we make your space a reality. We use local craftsman, our experience, and attention to detail to create your new home- one we’re all proud of. Our process allows for great communication and checkpoints to ensure our your vision is realized.

Customers for Life

Statera’s promise to build your vision doesn’t end once your home is completed.  You will have peace of mind knowing that we stand behind everything that goes into your new home.  We want to build your dream home; our customers become our friends and neighbors.  We value long-term relationships.  We are passionate about building custom homes.  We care about your experience.

About the Author:

Scott is the founder of Statera Homes. Scott lives in Lewes. He and his wife have three grown children and two wonderful dogs. Scott has over 14 years in new home construction and real estate development.