Which Delaware New Home Builder is the Best?

How Do You Select a Delaware Builder?

If you are looking to build a new home in Sussex County, there are at least three national builders, three regional builders and literally dozens of local builders.  This gives you options from builders who build tens of thousands of homes per year all the way down to a guy in a truck who builds a few a year.

Most Builders Vary by Number of Homes Built...

The answer to that is simple- the one that will build the house that suits your life.  Easy for me to say.

Okay, so this is the Statera Homes blog- you can bet what my eventual answer will be.

Let’s break them down by size- and the strengths and weaknesses of each.  Builders of similar size tend to have similar strengths and weakneses.

National Builders

These are large publically traded companies.  They build thousands of homes across vast swaths of the US.  The good news is that they tend to offer a relatively large amount of features for a good price.  You can also expect to have a service department to deal with after you move into the new house.  These builders have incredibly sophisticated sales and production systems.

The bad news is that you might want to make a change that isn’t on their list of options.  This can be a huge challenge.  It can also be impossible.  National builders are more focused (in my opinion) in efficient systems than actually building homes.  If your home doesn’t fit into their system, it might not be a fit for you to build with a national.

To get the Delaware new house that fits your life from a national builder, changing your life might be less complicated than changing your house.

Regional Builders

These are builders who operate in more than one market for new homes.  These builders have some of the systems of the National Builders, but they tend to not have all the rigidity that you might find in a national builder.  Some of these builders will work with you to build the house that fits your life, but some of them will act just like a national builder.  It really depends on the individual company.

Some regional sized builders in the Delaware beach new home market actually have a larger market presence than do some of the national builders.  They offer some of the stability for service after closing that you can find from the nationals.

Often, regional builders are in the process of growing rapidly (or, in a down market, shrinking), so be prepared for some “growing pains”- in the form of overwhelmed employees and subcontractors.

Local Builders

The smaller, local builder, is the foundation of the new home industry in the United States and in the new home market of the Delaware beaches.  Local builders can build from one to almost one hundred new homes at the Delaware beaches, but they operate locally.  Local builders can vary widely in their adaptation of new home technology, floorplans, building materials, etc..

It goes without saying that I am quite biased when it comes to the builder you need to choose.  Statera Homes offers the best new home at the Delaware beaches.  We have the experience to build a wonderful home that will suit your life and surround you with luxury.  As a small, local Delaware builder, we focus on sustainable building practices and make use of local, Delaware based subcontractors.  We think this makes our community stronger, and it creates a pride in building that can’t be found in a production Delaware home.

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About the Author:

Scott is the founder of Statera Homes. Scott lives in Lewes. He and his wife have three grown children and two wonderful dogs. Scott has over 14 years in new home construction and real estate development.