The Setting For Your Story: Ingredients

This post will help you understand how the features of a new home are going to impact your life in that new Delaware home.

In every story, the setting is crucial. Imagine if Dorothy is magically transported to Detroit instead of Oz in the Wizard of Oz. None of us would have likely ever heard of the Yellow Brick Road.

Like Oz, your home is the setting for your life. If you’re thinking about buying a new home, then you are thinking about changing a major part of your life.

At Statera Homes, we understand that a change of setting can be stressful, and we know that you want it to be successful. We also know understand that building a new home can be an intimidating process.

At the same time, we really think you want to land in Oz (which makes for a timeless classic) rather than Detroit (nothing against Michigan, but…). With our experience and your dreams, a timeless classic is something that you can achieve.

Statera understands that it is important to balance your dream new home with your very real budget. This balance is at the core of all that we do- in fact, Statera is the Latin word for balance.

Part of our guidance is product knowledge. You don’t need to know everything about the how’s and the what’s of how your home is built. You do need to work with a builder you trust. It’s the builder’s job to understand your desires AND know the business and work with you to create the perfect space.

Statera works with you to combine your life, your budget, and our experience to create the timeless classic that becomes your new Delaware Home.

Why “ingredients”? I use this term when we discuss the features of our new homes. It’s a term most people understand, and it’s a term that people have been conditioned to take an interest in.

I am always shocked at how little people investigate the “ingredients” in their new home. We care about what goes in our bodies. This makes sense, and we want to know how things that go in our bodies effects us.

So, we all care about what goes in our bodies. I think people should care about what their bodies GO IN. Our passion is to create spaces for people that will compliment and enhance their lives.

Most people who are looking a buying a new home simply look at the floorplan and the price. Some people might go one step beyond that and buy into a certain builder’s sales pitch.

Here’s why the features matter. Most builders simply attract customers on price. The marketing they produce might show amazing photos of a model home, or a happy group of people, or a peaceful scene, but somewhere it talks about “starting price”. The starting price of a house is ultimately what drives people to contact the builder.

Most people who buy in a community with larger lots actually want to use their back yard. These people had better put in the hard work or be patient (or both).

The picture in this post is a small (and easily discovered) example of the difference in standard features. The picture is of the back yard of another builder who doesn’t include sod in the back yard of the home. There are two problems with this approach in this location.

First, this is a wooded area that doesn’t get great sunlight. This makes it hard to grow grass and drain water. This back yard is a muddy mess on the day its new owners move in.

The second is that it is very hard to grow grass from seed in the Delaware beach area. Getting grass to grow requires a lot of work over time (by the owner) and a layer of top soil (which is not present in this photo). This back yard is going to be a muddy mess for a long time to come, and it will likely never look like a yard. The ingredients matter in Delaware new homes.

Two things drive the price of a new home- price and location (if the builder is selling a lot/home package). Most builders try to keep the list of standard features short, and that keeps the base price low.

Statera doesn’t have the lowest base price, and Statera doesn’t talk about standard features. Statera talks about ingredients. Statera’s list of ingredients is longer than other Delaware builders. Our starting prices are generally higher. Our final sales prices aren’t always higher.

I honestly can’t stand the deceptive marketing practices that are common among Delaware new home builders. You see some photo of a new home in an ad (which is almost always a furnished model), and the ad is talking about some new home community at a certain price point. The inference is that the home in the photo is available in the community discussed as the price point being advertised.

Then a hopeful Delaware new home buyer walks into the model, and, after falling in love with the amazing home (and the décor), finds out that the true cost of the home advertised is perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars higher than what is represented in the ad. Does this sound familiar?

Worse, a Delaware new home buyer purchases the house, and, when the house is complete, learns that features weren’t “included”. Sometimes these features can be very large things.

At Statera, I wanted to create a home that has great features. Many of our ingredients are upgrades from other builders. Some of our ingredients just aren’t offered by other Delaware home builders.

Statera doesn’t use deceptive advertising. A Statera home can be upgraded- anyone can choose to add many options, but a Statera home has a long, high quality list of ingredients that are already included.

Let’s face it, the “starting” price of a new Delaware home doesn’t mean very much. Everyone should expect optional selections to add to the “starting” price of a home built by a Delaware builder. I’m just not sure people figured on adding a garage door opener, or a fridge, or grass in the back yard. It’s been my experience that Statera’s pricing isn’t actually much higher than many other Delaware new home builders when someone gets a price for the actual home they want rather than a “starting” price home.

This is what Statera means when they say that the cheapest home isn’t always the least expensive.

A new home is a hugely expensive undertaking. I think you should get the house you actually want- not a used home (someone else’s dream) or a builder’s home (designed for easy production rather than your life).

Take the time to compare builder’s features and Statera’s included ingredients. I think you’ll quickly conclude that Statera’s included ingredients, despite the higher pricing, create a better value in new a Delaware new home.

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Our Process Guides You to a Successful Custom Home


From the first time we communicate, Statera will take the time to understand your life and evaluate your goals, needs and budget. We will hear you and take the fear out of designing a new home. We will partner with you to translate your vision into an agreement to build your home.


Together we begin to plan your new space.  Step-by-step, our process will guide you toward a final design.  We tailor this process for your level of comfort- as much or as little customization as needed to realize your vision.  During this step, we will coordinate the financial aspects of your new home with a trusted lender (if necessary).


With final plans, choices made, permits obtained, and financing secured, we make your space a reality. We use local craftsman, our experience, and attention to detail to create your new home- one we’re all proud of. Our process allows for great communication and checkpoints to ensure our your vision is realized.

Customers for Life

Statera’s promise to build your vision doesn’t end once your home is completed.  You will have peace of mind knowing that we stand behind everything that goes into your new home.  We want to build your dream home; our customers become our friends and neighbors.  We value long-term relationships.  We are passionate about building custom homes.  We care about your experience.

Lower Energy Bills.

You probably already know that a new home can provide substantial energy cost savings versus a used home.

The typical Statera Home can be 50% more efficient than a used home.

Our homes are typically about 20% more efficient than required by local building codes.

Each Statera home is tested and verified by a third-party inspector for its performance and its energy efficient features.  When you visit us, we’d be happy to explain the incredible efficiency of your Statera Home.

*Based upon Sussex County, Delaware building code.  Our features are customized for you, so our energy ratings can vary.

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About the Author:

Scott is the founder of Statera Homes. Scott lives in Lewes. He and his wife have three grown children and two wonderful dogs. Scott has over 14 years in new home construction and real estate development.