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Small things that make a large difference.

Next time you entertain (or go to someone’s house for a social activity), make a mental note about the room of the home where you spent the most time.

I’m willing to bet it was the kitchen.  (Watching a movie doesn’t count as social activity).

Literally, I was at a friend’s house last night (it was a Friday), and we stopped by their place before going to team trivia.  We didn’t eat- we just socialized.  We never left the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

The kitchen is where life happens.  Good and bad- the memories that many people have in a home- the kitchen is the setting for those memories.  Kitchens matter- whether you cook or not.

At Statera, we want our homes to be the setting for your life.  We want that setting (a Statera Home) to be craft-built and unique like you.  That’s why we do craft-built kitchens.


What do we mean when we say craft built?

We mean many things- mostly small things that, alone, may not make a large difference in how a new home is built.  Many small things, however, eventually reach enough mass to become important- and different.

The homes we build are not for everyone.  There are those who want a unique, craft built setting for the story of their lives.  Our homes or for them (or, maybe- you).

Other Builders:

Most production builders use a line of factory built kitchen cabinets.  They are delivered to the site, and they are installed by the trim carpenters.


Our cabinets are custom-built in a shop in Milford, Delaware.  They are built by a craftsman who came to your Statera home and measured the actual dimensions of your kitchen before the cabinets were ordered.  The factory finished fronts took one month to arrive at the shop, and they assembled them with a plywood cabinet box that is designed for your specific house.

On the first install, (which is pictured here), the cabinet company didn’t install the door and drawer fronts.  There is a simple reason for this- after the cabinets are installed, there are many tradesmen that need to come and complete tasks on your home.  We don’t want the cabinet fronts to be damaged, so the cabinet company comes back to your home just before you move in to complete the install.

Our cabinet installs also vary based upon the flooring you select for your kitchen.  Some flooring materials allow for a cleaner looking install when the cabinets are installed on the flooring.  This doesn’t work for some flooring products.

The truth is, this adds time and expense to your new Delaware home.  It takes more time to install cabinetry this way, and Statera pays a local contractor far more than a trim carpenter who hangs a factory built box.

People who embrace this process think it adds value to their new Delaware home.

Maybe you don’t care how the heart of your home is assembled.  At Statera, we understand that we aren’t for everyone.

Maybe you should.

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About the Author:

Scott is the founder of Statera Homes. Scott lives in Lewes. He and his wife have three grown children and two wonderful dogs. Scott has over 14 years in new home construction and real estate development.