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At Statera Homes, we think the planet matters.  Sustainability is a core value of who we are, as we seek to find the proper “Statera” in building new homes and being good stewards of the planet.

I’m sure an image of some cardboard boxes isn’t the visual “stunner” that you’re looking for as you select a Delaware builder, but cardboard boxes matter to Statera.  We flat stack and recycle as many boxes as we can.  This helps the environment, reduces emissions, and allows the cardboard to be repurposed rather than landfilled.

This is a small thing, yes.  But, I think there is a difference between small things and insignificant things.  When you are selecting a Delaware new home builder, you will notice that many of the builders do a number of small things differently.  Those small things, when put together, add to significant differences between builders.  At Statera Homes, we have many small things- like better kitchens, Andersen windows, and Kitchen Aid appliances.  These are small things, but when you add them to our local sourcing, our custom plan changes, etc… The small things start to add up.

So, sustainability is a small thing.  It is not, however, insignificant.  Know that Statera cares about the planet, and that care is reflected in your new home.

At Statera Homes, we believe our clients want luxury and value.  We think our clients understand that value doesn’t always mean the lowest price.  We also think that value includes high quality at a great price.  As we have said in the past, Statera Homes is not the lowest priced builder in the market.

At Statera, we believe the homes that we build are different.  We think the difference matters.

More about Statera:


It’s all about “balance”.  Statera is latin for balance.

For our founder, Scott Dailey, Statera is about a new home integrating into your life.  It’s about finding a new home that balances everything that a new home will be in the future.

A home is a place of celebration, it is a place of refuge, it is a place of joy.  A new Delaware beach home is a setting for all the wonderful seasons of life.  We think a balanced new Delaware home is the perfect fit for all seasons of life.

So what is Statera?  Let’s focus first on the balance of how a home should encourage the good things of life.  Each Statera floorplan is designed for personal connection.  How?  We begin with the kitchen.  We think the kitchen is the heart of any Delaware new home.  Most people think that a kitchen isn’t very important if a resident of the home isn’t a “gourmet cook”.  But at Statera, we know that all gatherings of great friends and loved ones actually happen in the kitchen.  We think kitchens are one of the main settings for the story of your life- even if you never turn on the oven.

Whether it’s a glass of wine around the island or a “kitchen table” conversation, life happens in the kitchen, and the kitchen is a great place to be in a Statera residence.

We also think that you deserve a luxury residence.  A tour of a Statera home will demonstrate incredible features for the price of the home.  We have taken the time to do the small things right- the small things that all your home to be the perfect balance between a luxurious home and a great value in a Delaware beach home.  From our trim packages to our Andersen windows, you will know that this home is not like other builders in Delaware.

We also want to balance timeless design with future technology.  A Statera residence is designed with a classic, timeless look that will increase in stature over time.  Our plans don’t chase the latest fads in building, but we seek to create a classic home that will be beaufiful for years to come.  At the same time, we balance our classic plans with a recognition that technology is changing the way we live our lives.  A new home in Delaware by Statera integrates all that is exciting about new home technology.  This integrated smart home is designed to make your life manageable and stress-free.  Statera takes an uncomplicated approach to technology.

This smart home technology also forms the core of our balance between a new home and our responsibility to be good stewards of that which is entrusted to us.  We value both people and the planet.  To that end, a Statera residence is built by local artisans.  This focus


Before: empty cardboard boxes in a Statera home under construction.


After: cardboard boxes flattened and stacked.  They are ready to be recycled.

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About the Author:

Scott is the founder of Statera Homes. Scott lives in Lewes. He and his wife have three grown children and two wonderful dogs. Scott has over 14 years in new home construction and real estate development.