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Let’s say you live in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York.  If you’re thinking about retiring, you are likely thinking about relocating.  The tax burden on residents of these states is unreasonable when you won’t be taking advantage of the services.  All of this is a nice way of saying that you would rather let someone who has kids in school pay the crazy tax rates for the local schools.  So, it’s time to move.

If you want a change of pace but don’t want to get on a plane everytime you want to visit the old stomping grounds, then a new home at the Delaware beaches might be the thing for you!

Small State?

Many people think that Delaware is too small to have too much to offer retirees, but that’s not the case.

Sussex County, with it’s relaxed, rural, and coastal living is a great choice for people who want a great retirement lifestyle.

Why Sussex County, Delaware?

Sussex County, Delaware offers a winning combination of low taxation, affordable property, and an easy drive to the large cities of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  It has a lower cost of living when compared to other areas of Delaware, and it has the beach!

Delaware’s Advantage

Delaware has no sales tax, and it is very friendly for pensions and retirement taxation.  Delaware also has relatively low costs for owning a home, but the transaction costs are relatively high. Delaware exempts up to $12,500 of investments and qualified pension income for people over 60 and over.  This makes Delaware very retirement friendly for retirees.

Low Property Taxes

Sussex County Delaware hasn’t reassessed for its property tax since 1974, and the county is in the best financial shape of any of the three Delaware counties.  If the property taxes aren’t low enough, once you are over sixty-five and a resident for three years, you can take up to $500 off your property taxes.  It comes from the school portion.

Coastal Lifestyle

The coastal Delaware is consistently an award-winning destination.

Coastal Delaware is a tourist destination, so traffic can be a little nutty around holidays in the summer.  The fall and the spring are great at the beach, and there are many activities (Delaware loves “fesitvals”) each weekend to keep things interesting.  Fine dining has popped up everywhere, and many of the local small towns have yet to be overrun with chain establishments.  The Town of Rehoboth Beach was just voted by Coastal Living magazine as the second happiest seaside town in America.  In nearby Milton, there is the famous Dogfish Head brewery.

Location, Location, Location

The Delaware Coastal area is a short drive from major cities, which make it a perfect destination for active grandparents.  You’ll have just enough time to drive to seek the little angels, pump them full of sugar, drop them with their parents, and return home for a glass of wine.  The beach also makes a great place to entice the kids when you want them to come and visit.

This amazing combination makes a Delaware retirement a great choice.

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About the Author:

Scott is the founder of Statera Homes. Scott lives in Lewes. He and his wife have three grown children and two wonderful dogs. Scott has over 14 years in new home construction and real estate development.